Character Profile: Lleu Jones

Civilian expert Lleu Jones is twenty-seven, though looks much younger than his age to many people.  Most of that likely comes from the way he acts, his posture, and the way he carries himself.  In conversations he can sometimes seem distracted, even to the point that he seems to be ignoring people, but in fact he seems incapable of ignoring anything – that’s just how he is.  His mind seems to run faster than others’, but more than that he can think about many different things in parallel in a way that transcends what most people think of as multitasking.

Jones has been part of the team on board PDCI for the past three and a half years, and as such holds the record for the longest period of time spent in orbit.  In that time he has grown even more intimately familiar with the platform than before, which is saying something considering he designed a great deal of the station.  He is a true polymath, well versed in physics, mathematics and engineering, as well as being able to perform complex mathematical operations in his head.  Consequently he has been able to both assist with the platform’s scientific research as well as general maintenance and upgrading of the station systems.

Many within the Program have expressed worries about Jones, citing his personality quirks and suggesting possibilities such as mild Asperger Syndrome or other Autism spectrum disorders, though no diagnosis of such a problem has been performed.  In fact others have suggested that it is precisely Jones’ introverted personality that has made him such an ideal member of the team for so long.  Certainly any mental health issues he does possess have not been highlighted as causing any worries or issues beyond a couple of minor arguments.

Lleu Jones appears in the short story From Orbit available in ebook form here.

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