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No more ketchup waste thanks to MIT

When I see sciencey things I think to myself… wow.  Occasionally I see something so awesome I just HAVE to share it with everyone else, beceuse.. well, it’s like, the law or something.  I haven’t really thought that thought through very thoroughly but let’s just leave it there.

Anyway, this is one of those second things, and I know it’s rather lame and superfluous but it’s also rather awesome too..

Scientists at MIT have invented a food-safe coating that can be applied to glass or plastic containers that is super-hydrophobic.

What that means is..  tell you what, here, have a video:

The ketchup does not stick to the bottle!

Now, I don’t know the amount of ketchup or mayo that could be saved if this coating was applied to all containers, but I’m going to imagine it could be measured in olympic swimming pools, or possibly areas the size of Wales.

Science, isn’t it awesome?

Source – http://www.geek.com/articles/geek-pick/mit-creates-superhydrophobic-coating-for-condiment-bottles-20120523/