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Miriam wearing Female Nerd Shirt

More Nerd Lair News

So, the time came and we all gathered together and headed out while wearing our Lair of the Nerd shirts to try and get some publicity going.

I’ve realised recently that I have trouble with attention; I am much more likely to hide than to allow myself to shine, in part because I fear things going wrong and in part because I just can’t bear the attention.  How much of a factor that is with regards my depression, I do not know, it’s something to continue thinking about.

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New Stuff at the Nerd Lair

Have you checked out all the new goings on at our webshop?  Well, here’s some behind the scenes info:

A lot of new web coding has gone into the shop in order to smarten up the displays and improve the menu navigation, as well as allowing folks to sort designs by date or by name as well.  A whole fifteen new designs have been added yesterday, bringing our total to well over a hundred as well.

In other news, we’re looking into publicity, handing out leaflets, etc.. Middlesbrough council seems to have made this difficult because we need permits to hand leaflets out in most of Middlesbrough, which is irritating, though I guess understandable due to littering.

If anyone has any questions about the Lair, feel free to comment.