Less Than Three

Love is an interesting thing.

Everyone thinks they know what it is, but any definition we try to come up with just falls short of the reality. I quite like the idea explored in Shakespeare in Love, that Romeo and Juliet, as one of the greatest tragedies as well as one of the greatest love stories ever told, is possibly the best definition of what real love is.
Love is not a piece of card with a heart drawn on it, sent at a particular time of year simply because that’s when everyone tells you it should be sent. Love is a piece of paper torn into a heart shape left in your partner’s shoe on a random Wednesday, just because you want to make them smile. Love is flowers bought not because it is the time of year to give flowers, but because they’re purple and purple’s a nice colour and they’ll look nice in the front room and you’ll squee so sweetly when I give you them. Love is waking up and it being the most amazing thing in the world that you’re there.
Valentine’s day isn’t about love. It’s about Hallmark’s profit margin.

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