An Interesting Day

Yesterday was interesting, and I pushed myself a little further than my mental state usually has allowed me to recently, and yet I came out relatively unscathed, which is good.

I often come across as being somewhat introverted, particularly when I’m presented with an unfamiliar situation or new people, however that’s all a false impression – I’m not actually; I actually thrive in circumstances where I need to be more outgoing.  What I actually am is thoughtful and anxious, and like to plan my actions ahead, more impulsive and less thoughtful people oftentimes mistake that as being introverted.

So, some of my acquaintances would perhaps be surprised to know that I host an amateur internet radio show, and to know that yesterday I hosted a roundtable chat with many candidates for what is known as the Council for Stellar Management, or CSM, which is a part of the community structure for the game EVE Online.  The CSM is essentially a player elected council, who operate as a sounding board for players and help the developers manage the game… simply put the most important thing about it is that  everyone takes it SO seriously, even though we’re talking about a video game.

It actually went quite well, considering I was essentially chairing a political debate.  It did turn argumentative on more than one occasion but I think I managed to direct the conversation in a mostly fruitful way, and I would hope that my listeners managed to get some value from it.

Here’s the rewind link to the recording of the show.

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