Another Ministratum Update

Now I’m past the 65,000 word point, I cannot help but start thinking about the future, about whether doing this professionally is something that is even remotely feasible.

Part of me still wonders whether the idea is still little more than a pipe dream, a delusion.  I’m trying to silence those thoughts, trying not to think too much about the scary next stages of finding an agent / publisher, but it’s tricky.

 ”Lilya lay atop her woollen bedroll on the hard wood floor, struggling with the thoughts that danced through her head and chased all possibility of sleep away. The warmth of the night was unexpected and stifling in the farmhouse kitchen, where they had decided to make their camp. It still smelled of death to her, but there was nowhere better on the whole farm, and no light left by which they could travel, despite how much they all wanted to be away from the place.”

© Robert Goforth, 2012, no part of this may be duplicated without permission. All rights reserved

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