Another Novel Update

Planning ahead is something some authors find hinders them, and restricts their characters, and prefer to just write from the beginning through to the end with only a light hand on the tiller.

Myself, I am not one of those authors; I prefer to make sure I have a plan as well-defined as I can have from the start, and I would be surprised if most authors did not have at least some kind of pre-defined plan, even a loose one.  I find it hard to imagine how anyone could produce anything coherent without one.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Ministratum originally was going to be two shorter books, rather than a single story, yet in fleshing out the plans for the stories I realised they were both describing, in essence, the same thing – which I will not go into detail at present.  After realising that the concept of combining the two story-plans was something that seemed much easier and more sensible than I had originally thought.

Makom was much larger than Athera, large enough that a man could stand in the town square and not be able to see any trees or hills for buildings in every direction.
     Still, Tuvid had heard it was still small enough to be considered a village by most that visited it, if not by the townsfolk themselves, who were fond of correcting anyone who called it such. So many people; he wondered how anyone could truly know their neighbours when they had so many of them.

© Robert Goforth, 2012, no part of this may be duplicated without permission. All rights reserved

So now the story plan is pretty much complete, and is mostly fleshed out into what I intend to happen within each individual chapter of what I now know will be Book One of a series of currently indeterminate length.

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