The Act of Creation

I live to create.  To produce things that can inspire or move people, or make them laugh.  So, I guess that means I live to create art.

Art; it’s a word that I don’t often use to describe what I do, because part of me worries that others won’t see it that way or that people will find me pretentious or weird.  It can’t be art, it’s not framed, it’s not in a gallery and I haven’t been paid to do it.

But I realise, whether it’s something amusing to put onto a tshirt, or whether I’m referring to the novel I’m part way through at the moment, I can’t deny the truth of it – it is Art.  Capital A, for emphasis.

Last night I watched a video recording of a speech that Niel Gaiman had given to the University of the Arts in Philly for the graduating 2012 class, and it moved the artist part of me, the author part of me, the part of me that yearns to create with every fibre of my being… I was moved to tears from listening to his words.

I can not adequately explain how powerfully his words resonated with me no matter how hard I try… I just hope I can Make Good Art, and be worthy of this life I have.

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