Miriam wearing Female Nerd Shirt

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So, the time came and we all gathered together and headed out while wearing our Lair of the Nerd shirts to try and get some publicity going.

I’ve realised recently that I have trouble with attention; I am much more likely to hide than to allow myself to shine, in part because I fear things going wrong and in part because I just can’t bear the attention.  How much of a factor that is with regards my depression, I do not know, it’s something to continue thinking about.

Miriam wearing Female Nerd Shirt

Miriam wearing Female Nerd Shirt

So, trying to publicise Lair of the Nerd is tricky for me because essentially making the designs and stuff is being used by me as a form of therapy, while leaving the Internet and going out into the Real World is much, much more difficult for me.

I know for certain that if I was to try and make this more than a part time thing I’m doing to try to prevent my mind from atrophying then I would likely fail with the way my mind is at the moment.  It saddens me to admit that, but it is true.

Therefore I would be remiss if I didn’t say a huge thank you to my wonderful friends Em, Miriam (left) and my other half Anna for putting up with my nervousness and helping me through this.

So, a few leaflets were put places, and a few were put through doors… if you came here after seeing one of those, well, thank you.

The other thing that came out of it was these photos of myself and my lovely friends.

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