To Business!

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were proposing a toast..” – Ford Prefect.

So.. yeah; things have been quiet on the blog front for a while :oops: but that’s because fun and interesting and.. erm.. <_<  scary.. things have been happening.

To cut to the chase – I’ve decided to make Lair of the Nerd a business – it’s what I’m doing to try and make a living from now onwards.  O_O

I was declared to be ok enough for work even though I wasn’t ok enough for lots of things, so I was going to the job centre every two weeks and slowly going insane..

Thankfully I was approved onto a scheme called Enterprise for All which helped to give me information and help me prepare to move into self employment, and ascertain whether that was the right move for myself.

The planning, preparing and all the administrative work has been scary but exciting, and now the Lair is at the threshold of an exciting new future…

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