Facebook Launch

And so it began…

So, now the dust settles, the leaflets and business cards have been delivered, myriad forms have been filled out, sent off, sent back, and so on… Press releases have been released, things have been arranged… And the waiting… oh god so much waiting, and some of the waiting is not over with yet.

Yes, Lair of the Nerd v. 1.0a has been live for a little more than a week, and people have been sharing things, liking things… some people have even been ordering things which is awesome.  More information after the jump.

Kaled Mk3 Travel Machine

Kaled Mk3 Travel Machine

A few new designs have gone up over the last week: a couple of Doctor Who inspired ones, and some inspired by The Avengers, and I’ve had some really good feedback on those.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and on this blog, or join our newsletter for more news as to when new designs appear.

Ideas are always bubbling round in my head, so if you have any ideas or any feedback then please, feel free to send them my way either through this blog, on Facebook, or via email.

I also now need to work out which conventions and events I’m going to be taking the Lair to, so if there is a con that allows trading that’s particularly close to your heart then just comment and let me know.

I cannot deny that taking this step with Lair of the Nerd has been terrifying, but most of the time it’s a kind of thrilling and breathtaking fear.  Most of the time.  I still have my moments when there’s a lot of fear and doubt that seems to threaten to take me over, but thanks to friends I seem to manage to get past that.


Other things; if you missed it, there’s a promotion running, where you can get special discounts when you order using promotional codes: look at the picture there for all the info you need.

I think that’s about it for now.

Facebook Launch

Facebook Launch Promo

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