Bargaining With The Muse

Where to start… perhaps with something that looks like a quote, but is actually written by me… yeah that’ll do.
The muse cannot be ordered, or tricked, for she comes when she will.
She can only be cajoled, persuaded, or bartered with, and any bargain may both weaken and strengthen he that makes it.
Creativity is a difficult pursuit, and a difficult goal, for simply expressing a desire to be more creative is no more conducive to actual output of ‘stuff’ than wanting to learn to drive is conducive to becoming a racing driver.
So, this is me, a thirty-something man with aspirations that even he finds hard to quantify or define, other than to say “I want to do something creative” or “I’d quite like to write”. A thirty-something man who feels as though he has come to something of a crossroads in his life, where one road leads to a humdrum ordinary life, and the other leads to… I’m not quite sure. Possibly blancmange or sponge-cake.
A thirty-something man who suffers from clinical depression and general anxiety disorder, and hopes to use creativity as a channel and a release for this, to give him opportunity to put something out there in the world that might stand a chance of touching someone else’s heart or soul and make them feel.
Stay with me, and we’ll see what happens.

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