Pinning Ideas Down

Sometimes trying to be creative when being me, with this anxious, easily distracted but difficult to steer mind, is difficult. At times, I feel a little like a child walking into the greatest toyshop in the world, and being unable to move because so many urges and so many bright shiny colours are trying to drag my mental state in so many different directions.

“Ooh! Oooh! Over here!” shouts a fascinating concept for a webcomic.

“Pick me! Pick me!” cries an innovative idea for a social networking website.

“I’m the one you want!” the shrieking voice of a videogame concept echoes around my head.

Some of those who read this may consider me fortunate, for ideas for all sorts of things never seem to shy from me, and I possess the talent to at least give the majority of those ideas a try… and yet, the multitude of these thoughts, concepts and ideas seems to do naught but apply the brakes to my drive and stymie any ideas of motivation I once possessed. I feel as though my muse, in a vague attempt to be helpful, has decided that for some reason quantity is greater than quality, and I, not being even remotely in the league of Leonardo or other such greats find myself reduced to a gibbering wreck, unable to pin an idea down for long enough to see it through.

So, I have come to a decision to be ruthless with myself. To ignore the muse when she tries to distract me and to attempt, for one of the few times in my life, to focus. What I am trying to focus on, I shall talk about later.

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