Lair of the Nerd – New Designs

There are a bunch of new designs up on the Lair of the Nerd site, for you to peruse, check and look at.

I figure I’d make a blog post talking about a few of them..

Shawarma! - Food of Heroes

Shawarma! - Food of Heroes

Shawarma! – the Food of Heroes.  :D  :thumb:

This is of course in reference to The Avengers, a fantastic movie that I suggest you all go and see several times.

Shawarma is also quite nommy, so I suggest you eat a lot of that too.. The image was drawn by me using my Wacom tablet in a few layers, and I think it turned out quite nicely.






Only Three Movies

There are only three movies


This design and its siblings are in reference to the  fact that Hollywood just continues thrashing out the same old thing coming back again and again for more and more sequels, and also prequels :roll: ..   :angryno: so I deny their very existence.

Star Wars has no Prequels. Star Wars needs no Prequels.

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